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The idea for JUST GOOD RECIPES grew from weekly telephone calls between two friends over the course of many years. During these many long conversations we talked about everything – our lives, books we’ve read, even politics, but the subject of food always came up. We would ask “what’s for dinner”, or suggest a new recipe, laugh over a dinner party disaster or share concerns about our waistlines and healthy eating.

Since food was so important to us and preparing it a daily event, we decided that it was time we took a good look at what we were cooking and to do things better. We both agreed that we did not want to spend a lot of time shopping for groceries or preparing meals. But we did want good tasting food. We also knew many of you are trying to do the same. And so the idea for this site was born…

There are so many outstanding recipes so there was no need to create new ones. Rather, we joined forces and began hunting through our own collection of recipes–those ripped out of magazines, flagged in our cookbooks and seen on websites. Some we have made, but many others remained in our files as “want to try someday ” recipes. Well, the day has come! We are sharing these recipes hoping that you will find a few each month to add to your files.

Once we select the recipe, both of us prepare the dish in our own kitchens under real life conditions, i.e. phones ringing, missing ingredients, or in a hurry. Only those recipes that we both agreed are worth repeating, get the TWO THUMBS UP and appear on this site. This agreement is not as simple as it sounds. We have different cooking personalities and tastes and we don’t even live in the same country! But if selected, we post the recipe with our NOTES which include tips and comments with our own pictures, which are not staged but literally taken on their way from the stove to the dinner table. Another feature that we provide is that we group the ingredients by CATEGORY (spices, vegetables, oils, etc). This will cut down on prep time–just one visit to the refrigerator, spice drawer or pantry. In addition, we flag * those ingredients that could be prepped ahead of time, perhaps the night before, or that morning or at the start of cooking.

So JUST GOOD RECIPES is about good tasting recipes that are simple to prepare. We are not professional chefs, nutritionists or bloggers – the shopping and the cooking have to fit into our regular schedule and lifestyles. However, we do take our recipe selections very seriously. We look for recipes that help us eat healthier, keeping in mind taste, time, calories and sensible but filling portions. We know a lot of you are looking for the same.

So come join the journey to better eating, one recipe at a time!