Looking for some new recipes to try?  Perhaps something easy and delicious for a busy weeknight, classic dishes with a healthier twist or a simple but just special enough for company main dish?  Let us help!  We are looking too so let us do the searching, test them in our home kitchens and then share with you the best, easy to prepare recipes.

We are two friends, living in two different cities who LOVE to eat well but do not want to spend much of our time or effort cooking.  So we are carefully selecting from different sources recipes that have been perfected by the pros.  We look for recipes that have easy-to-shop for ingredients and are easy to prepare.

Then we cook the recipes in our average kitchens with our average cooking skills under real life conditions.  And that is when we take the pictures – not staged or styled but on our plates on our way to the table. If the recipe is judged by BOTH of us to be easy and delicious then we share them with you.  So come and try a few each month – it is easier than you think to eat well.