We search, we test and then we share with you the best easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes.  When cooking, it is all about having the Right Recipe – we have them for you!  SO SIGN UP AND GET TWO RECIPE IDEAS ONCE A WEEK.


  • The recipes are simple, easy-to-prepare and hard to mess up.  We encourage you to modify the recipes to your personal taste – perhaps adding another clove of garlic or an extra shake of the spice mixture.
  • The recipes have easy-to-shop for ingredients.
  • The recipes are carefully selected from a wide range of sources.
  • Of course, some work is required but we try to choose recipes that make it easier.
  • The recipes here have all been tried by both of us in our kitchens with our average cooking skills under regular life conditions i.e. interruptions from husbands, phones and well….life.  The recipes are all two thumbs up”!
  • When available we show the calories.  We look for reasonable calorie counts.  For us an easy way to keep calories in check and help us build a balanced menu is to pay attention to portion sizes.  We have found with the right recipes we could eat a delicious, satisfying dinner without a lot of calories.  And the right recipes makes eating “healthy” a pleasure!
  • They include all the food groups.
  • Our pictures are not staged or styled – they are taken on our actual dinner plates on the way to the dining table.  We are ok with everything not appearing perfect but instead more like they will look when you cook them.
  • Most recipes are for everyday cooking but occasionally we also share desserts and other special dishes.  Not everything is strictly “healthy” – because well, we think that is just fine.


We are Laurice and Natha – two friends living in two different cities who talk every week.  We began sharing recipes and then eventually we decided to create this site.  We LOVE to eat good food and most of the time a “good for you” diet too.  However, we do not want to spend much of our time or effort cooking.  We realized that with the right recipes – JUST GOOD RECIPES – it was possible to eat well without a lot of work.  We have two different styles of cooking – Natha likes to do a lot of prep work before i.e. chopping the vegetables in the morning to be cooked at night while Laurice does most everything at the moment.  So if we both found it is easy-to-prepare and both think it was delicious then we share them with you.  We are learning a lot and having fun testing and sharing these recipes.

And a very special thank you to our taste testers – in addition to us trying the recipes our husbands and often friends help us out by tasting and evaluating our cooking efforts.