Makes 4 – 6 servings
Tags:  peas, cheese, appetizer
NOTES: This great recipe comes to us from Melissa Clark via Tasting Table.

  • Pesto with peas is a great kind of different – delicious and fresh tasting.
  • Serve cold with the ricotta as a dip with crackers or sliced baguette
  • Use less ricotta cheese, add a bit more parmesan cheese and olive oil and mix with pasta – delicious. Great use for leftover dip.
  • Don’t forget the sea salt for garnish as the recipe recommends.

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Makes 2 sandwiches
Tags:  sandwich, garbanzo, peppers, carrot, apple, cucumber, pumpkin seeds

  • This is a big, messy, filling and DELICIOUS sandwich.
  • Once the vegetables are prepped, the sandwich comes together quite quickly.
  • You can easily make substitutions for some of the ingredients but do keep the different flavors and textures.
  • Normally we wouldn’t go for a recipe like this – because it requires a little bit of many ingredients, so it leaves rather awkward leftovers like ½ a carrot.  However, the combination of flavors – the sweet from the apple, the bite from the onion, the creaminess from the hummus, the crunch from the vegetables – are SO GOOD.  So, we suggest either 1) double the recipe to make 4 sandwiches – either to be eaten at one meal or save the prepped ingredients and eat the rest later during the week.  The apple and the avocado are best cut up when you are ready to eat them. Or 2) next time you make a salad or other dish with a variety of vegetables put aside any extras to use later in this sandwich.
  • Because of the size and mixture of many ingredients in this spectacular sandwich, we recommend you use a firm and hearty bread.

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Calories 204 per serving, not including the fruit
Makes 6 servings
Tags: cheese, dessert, breakfast, fruit
NOTES:  A twist on the traditional berries and cream dessert.

  • Make it ahead of time – the “cheesecake” flavors take a little bit of time to develop.
  • It is a thick sauce but mixes well with the fruit.
  • If calories are an issue this is fairly low as far as desserts go. We also tried it with only 1 ½ tablespoons of the sauce – see the first two pictures, and found it was enough to sweeten a cup of berries quite nicely.  The third picture shows one full serving with fruit.
  • Recipe also suggests serving it with fruit and cake or brownies – yum!

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Calories – 275 per serving (about 1 ¼ cups)
Makes 4 servings
Tags: pasta, chicken – boneless, cucumber, pepper, goat cheese, lemon

  • Delicious without the chicken too. Other chopped vegetables would also add nicely to the mix.
  • Natha doesn’t like a strong lemon taste so she made it with 1 ½ tbs. (1/2 the suggested amount) of lemon juice and was happy with that. Laurice loves lemon so she used the full amount and loved it.
  • Using already cooked chicken makes this recipe even easier – plan it so you can use leftovers.

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Calories 215 per serving
Makes 6 servings
Tags: soup, pasta, carrots, zucchini, peas
NOTES: An easy soup to prepare.   It has a slow-cooked, light taste but is a hearty soup.  We both added more peas, used less or no cheese and it was still a flavorful soup.  It’s a soup for all seasons!

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Calories – 102 per serving
Makes 4-6 servings
Tags: melon, cucumber, soup
NOTES:  A perfect summer soup.  It looks like a long list of ingredients, but it is easy to put together.  The hardest part is making sure you get a ripe cantaloupe.  The author notes that you must let it sit overnight to allow the flavors to develop and she is right – we tasted it when we first made it, then a couple of hours later and then later still – each time very good but the favorite was the last.  Delicious, refreshing, and unique – in the best way!

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